Pearls from The Fountain of Youth

Maureen Keefe of Intuition Matters Unveiled
& Goddess Wisdom Podcast shares her secrets for turning back the aging clock!
30 Days of Delight await you as you begin the Journey of claiming ageless aging!
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This is for: Anyone struggling with never getting your needs met; Giving, giving, giving and never getting (otherwise known as over-giving or codependency); lack of Self-Love; ruthlessly criticizing self, and self-loathing; anyone engaging in addictions, self-sabotage, avoidance; or procrastination.
Working through this book is our first stepping stone to claiming a life worth living When we show up for ourselves; have our own back; commit to ourselves; and love ourselves, others are able to do so too.

SUPPORT THROUGH Codependent No More

This is a Goddess Book Club (GBC) Selection.
The GBC recordings for “Codependent No More” are
being offered as a stand alone single purchase to support you
in taking the time you need to process through the topics.
This offering is packed with resources to support self-healing
and stress/trauma trigger self-regulation.
Each chapter has up to one hour of Maureen Keefe’s shares
& coaching to facilitate your most powerful breakthroughs.
The content will be delivered one chapter at a time on a daily basis.
When all 22 episodes are completed, you will have unrestricted,
“lifetime” access to these recordings on the membership platform.
This purchase enables you to devote the time necessary to really dive deep
and glean the most value from the book and the additional coaching Maureen provides.


Restoring Divine Order to your life by reclaiming your Inner Child, making YOU your highest priority, having clear limits and boundaries around your giving to others, and making self-love your foundation for creating the life you desire and deserve. I created the product SUPPORT Bundle to accomplish this with ease and grace. This truly is the best investment you can make toward thriving in your own life!

Having a supportive structure to follow will accelerate your progress. The SUPPORT Bundle is a deep dive into 2 books that are the ideal foundation from which you can spring forth, able to finally begin to claim the life of your dreams.

Special Price when you buy both SUPPORT THROUGH Mirror Work and SUPPORT THROUGH Codependent No More in one purchase!

Potent Tools and Exercises for Thriving!


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