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Welcome to the Goddess Wisdom Podcast:
Weaving Your Sacred Life with Maureen Keefe

In this podcast we will be

Revealing ways to claim the power of your Divine Nature,
Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary
And the Mundane into the Magical

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Access your own innate Goddess Wisdom


About Me

Maureen Keefe

is an Awakening Activator, and a Higher Consciousness Catalyst. As a professional Psychic Reader, she reads and supports upwards of 100 clients a week from around the globe. Her Visionary abilities will inspire you & call you forward by igniting your Inner Awareness; to claim your power & tap into your own Guiding Light.

Maureen is a dynamic Transformation Specialist, Ascension Coach,  & Synergistic Guide. Her work is grounded, expansive and high voltage. Maureen’s focus is your success. With her on your side, be prepared to finally begin experiencing the life you’ve only dared to dream about.

Goddess Wisdom Podcast


We are not meant to do this Journey alone.

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