Reading books activates the creative process, inspiring new ways to engage with yourself, your life & with others 


Why a Book Club?

A book club  creates a supportive, fun, stimulating and motivating environment for you to put these new ideas into practice!

What Do I Get?

For $15 a month you will receive:

  • One Book each Month will be discussed.
  • Recordings of portions of each chapter read aloud with Maureen Keefe’s perspectives, and her personal experiences with applying each book’s exercises.
  • Email notifications when each new chapter recording becomes available.
  • An opportunity to leave comments, share experiences and to ask questions & receive answers.
  • Group synergy, insights & perspectives.
  • Access to all recordings for all books that have been discussed prior to you joining.
  • The opportunity to request your desired book(s) to be covered in upcoming months.
  • Each book will be selected to reveal your Divine Nature; your innate gifts and abilities; and will be tapping into your own well-spring of creative expression. You’ll be supported in reclaiming your value, claiming your power, and Consciously creating the life & relationships you desire to experience!

Why the

Goddess Book Club?

Life, for many of us, has gotten pretty small in recent years. Our focus will be to:

  Add more spice and more pleasure back into our lives.
  Get out of survival mode
  Weave The Sacred back into your life
  Create a sense of greater fulfillment
  Cultivate a more meaningful life experience
♥   Claim your limitless potential

Maureen Keefe, The Goddess of Goddess Wisdom Podcast, with the synergy of other amazing Goddess Book Club members, will lead & inspire you on this Journey of Discovery.

Drawing upon the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and the power & traditions of Ancient Ways, you will be supported in expressing your Soul’s Pure Essence, on YOUR terms. 

 Unleash your Inner Goddess & engage with your life in new ways!  Join the Party NOW!

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